By These Mottoes We Live

Faithful, Loyal, In the Spirit of Partnership

To some a down-to-earth mentality would not appear notably attractive. Though, in our opinion it does. To us it establishes the basis for an on trust built and loyal relationship to all our partners. We consider a fair-minded dealing with our employees and team of specialists as well as our for the most part long-time business associates as our duty. Only by this means we are able to achieve a stable economic and interpersonal growth. Moreover, everybody, especially the clients, benefits from strict agreements, bringing about a high level of reliability and transparency.

Creative, First Class, Budget-Conscious

Causing enthusiasm by unique products is a crucial goal of Sportswear Connection. Customers can naturally expect top results in creative design just as an excellent quality of all manufactured items. Availing ourselves of a responsible, international production, we get access to global know-how and a favourable price-performance ratio.


New Corporate Design

By relaunching our website and making over our logo and the complete company communications we gave Sportswear Connection its new clothes. Also feel invited to visit our new showroom in Pestalozzistrasse 46 (Gartenhaus).


Contact Us

In case you have any questions about our services or products, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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